Dental implants & associated procedures

A dental implant is a titanium screw that can be inserted into the bone of either your top or bottom jaw. Titanium is a very well tolerated metal that will eventually integrate with your natural bone. This is the same metal that is used in artificial joints and in repairing broken bones.

The implant itself can then be used as a foundation to replace missing teeth.

If a single tooth is being replaced then the dental implant acts like a prosthetic tooth root.

If multiple teeth are being replaced then a combination of multiple implants (in some cases as few as 2) can be used to support either a fixed bridge or a removable denture that functions in a far superior way than a traditional denture.

Patients are commonly referred to a surgeon for placement of dental implants when the clinical situation is more complicated than usual.

We also provide additional services where implant placement is more complicated. This may include bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, sinus lift surgery and other surgery designed to achieve an optimal outcome. As our surgeons are all registered specialists recognized by Medicare, grafting and other adjunctive procedures may attract a Medicare rebate.